Car Accidents as a Pedestrian: Your Right to Claim


Everyone knows the risks associated with driving – you take some level of risk every time you get into car. But what if you’re out and about as pedestrian? You know to take care when crossing the road, but you probably don’t expect to be in danger at every turn. 

Sadly, the statistics tell a different story. In the UK alone, over 30,000 pedestrians are injured as a result of road traffic accidents every year. It’s a frightening figure which is only expected to rise.  

And of course, injuries occurred from car accidents involving pedestrians can come about in a variety of ways. This fact plays a key role in determining whether the pedestrian has a valid personal injury claim to pursue.  

If you’ve been hit by a car in the UK while on foot and you don’t know what to do, here’s a summary of the types of pedestrian accidents and compensation claims you can make: 


Being hit by a vehicle on the pavement or on a crossing


If you’ve been injured by a vehicle which has mounted the pavement or where you’ve used a pedestrian crossing, you will have a strong claim for compensation. If it’s a hit and run accident where the driver fled the scenewas uninsureddriving without an MOT or was driving a stolen vehicle, you are still entitled to claim compensation for your injuries. However, these claims must be made through the Motor Insurance Bureau. 


Being injured whilst trying to avoid an approaching vehicle


Imagine the scene: you’re walking along minding your own business when suddenly a car swerves onto the pavement. You have to jump to avoid a collision and end up landing awkwardly, hurting yourself in the process. Even though the car didn’t hit you, you may still have a strong claim for compensation. Speak to one of our personal injury lawyers specialising in pedestrian claims to see if you have a case. 


Being injured when not using a pedestrian crossing point


Things get a bit trickier if you’re involved in a road accident as a pedestrian when crossing the road away from a designated crossing point. It comes down to who is responsible for the accident. For example, if you stepped out between parked cars or didn’t look properly, it may be that the accident is your fault and not the drivers. However, if the driver who collided with you was driving at excessive speed, they will be partially responsible for the injuries you sustained. In these cases, liability will be split, according to who was more in the wrong and the compensation payout will be split consequently. 

If you have been involved in a road accident as a pedestrian – and you feel sure it wasn’t your fault – you should contact Watermans Solicitors as soon as possible.  Our expert pedestrian accident solicitors can help establish whether you have a valid claim and advise on how much compensation you could be entitled to.