Get Your Bike Spring Ready

16th Mar 2021

Get Your Bike Spring Ready

With spring coming around the corner, more and more people are taking to the roads on their bikes. It became part of many New Year’s Resolution pledges to get fit and start cycling. Yet before you pull out that forgotten bike and hit the road, consider how to get your bicycle ready for Spring.

Scotland does not always bless us with sunshine and cloudless skies, so it is important to care for your bike as you would a car.

Watermans have a few tips to make sure your bike is road worthy:
  • Check your tire pressure: As your bike has been sitting in your garage over the winter months, your wheels lose air pressure. By cycling without pumped wheels, the chances of a puncture increase and may even damage the wheel; both will cause a loss of control and possibly an accident. So, add some air and stay safe!
  • Adjust your saddle: For a more comfortable cycling experience make sure your seat is tight and the right height for you. Also, if your seat looks a bit worn, replace it!
  • Tighten the spokes: Your spokes keep your wheels steady. So, by giving them a tighten every few months, you’re going to have more control, especially in the dreich Scottish weather.
  • Check Brake Levers: When on the roads, brakes are essential. So, make sure that they are in perfect working order before you start cycling around town. Your breaks should not be frayed, they should not stick and should immediately stop. If not, treat yourself to a new brake cable!
  • Upgrade your brake pads: Whilst you’re checking your breaks, make sure that your brake pads are tight and that they tightly squeeze your tires to break. A worn-out pad is no use on the road and could result in a crash.
  • Check your chain: To avoid your chain coming off mid-journey, check your tension before you set off. If you’re not sure how, have a professional tighten the chain. If too tight, your gears may be affected. Again, if it looks worn or rusty, buy yourself a new chain. You’re worth it!
  • Replace your batteries: It is essential to have lights and reflectors on your bike, especially if you’re driving around during the darker Scottish days! Make yourself as visible as possible, dawn those neon jackets, if not for fashion, for safety.
In July 2020 there was an increase in the number of cyclists killed on Scotland’s roads. In 2019 there were 183 seriously injured cyclists. Make sure you’re safe on the roads this Spring.

 Click here for advice on what to do if you’re involved in a cycling accident.

If you have been involved in a road accident, you could be entitled to compensation. Check how much your claim could be worth, and one of our Personal Injury Lawyers will get in touch to talk you through your case.