To Scoot or Not To Scoot: E-scooters in Scotland

5th Aug 2021

To Scoot or Not To Scoot: E-scooters in Scotland

Despite it being illegal to drive E-Scooters on public roads and pavements, there are several shops that sell them, and even more online. Watermans Solicitors address the legal issues involved in Scotland’s newest trend.

Watermans Solicitors want to clarify the legality of e-scooter use in Scotland. Additionally, we want to bring awareness to the dangers that e-scooters can potentially cause not only their riders but to pedestrians and offer some tips on how to remain safe!

Scooters have evolved since the early 2000s, no longer are they just for kids. E-scooters have been popularised by everyone from Justin Bieber to Gordon Ramsay. Although Glasgow was considering implementing e-scooter rentals around the city, unlike in England, there are currently no plans for e-scooters to be legalised on Scotland’s streets.

Edinburgh E-Scooter rider fined for riding with no insurance.

Watermans want to encourage the Scottish government to provide clarification on their use and insurance guidelines. The Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 prevents the use of e-scooters on pavements or cycle lanes. If caught, they could be fined £500.  Yet drivers of the new trend on wheels are still relatively unchecked. As E-scooters are still new on the market, there are no set guidelines. They still fall under the same legal categories as road vehicles. Yet the crucial difference between your car and the scooter is that E-scooters are not required to be licenced, taxed, or subject to any regular MOTs.

E-Scooter Pros:

Don’t get us wrong, E-Scooters look like fun. Scooters provide easy, portable, cost-effective, personal transportation that have the potential to reduce traffic on the roads and can assist the growing public-transport pressures.

They are cheaper than a car, and an alternative eco-friendly way to travel. They’re lightweight, battery-powered, compact, and anyone with a provisional licence can buy one. They require no licence or training.

However, anyone can buy one and they require no licence or training.

escooter and police

E-Scooter Cons:

Inexperienced users may not be aware of the speed at which these e-scooters can reach and seeing many riders without helmets raises a further concern. Their brakes are also not entirely efficient. In addition, many of these vehicles are uninsured, which makes claiming for injuries caused by e-scooters difficult. Which is why Personal Injury Solicitors like Watermans want further regulations to be put in place, so that everyone can be safe.

They provide more of a risk to the public and to the drivers themselves. These scooters are fast and furious. Their silence can be more of a curse to those not aware of the speeding scooter coming around the corner. Not all E-scooters come with rear lights or signalling. Which can make them hard to spot and coordinate around. Pedestrians currently take to the roads to avoid the oncoming scooter. Many riders are inexperienced, leading to collisions between themselves and other road users and pedestrians. In the past two years there have been thousands of complaints of head injuries and fractures as a result of e-scooter use.

E scooters forth rail bridges

What to do if you’re involved in an E-Scooter Accident:

  • Seek Medical Attention as soon as possible– You may feel fine at first, but some injuries can take time to surface.
  • Report the accident to the police– Take note of the incident number.
  • If possible, gather witness details and photograph the accident scene, injuries, and any vehicles involved in the collision.
  • Check any nearby CCTV– This could provide some incredibly useful evidence for your case.
If you’ve been involved in a collision that wasn’t your fault, or even partially so, contact Watermans Solicitors. You could claim for compensation for any injuries and for financial losses. Our solicitors will do their best to obtain the best outcome, even though uninsured drivers can make the process more challenging. Yet with over thirty years of representing a variety of Personal Injury cases, we always pursue the highest compensation possible for our clients. Contact us today to see if you could pursue a no-win-no-fee claim, call 0131 555 7055/0141 430 7055