Glasgow woman awarded compensation after icy car park slip at former workplace

30th Jun 2020
Lisa Boyle

Glasgow woman awarded compensation after icy car park slip at former workplace

Personal injury claim from a slip or fall 


No one expects to go into work and get injured. Unfortunately, it can happen. Our personal injury lawyers at Watermans Solicitors can help if you’re looking to make a claim.  

 Recently, we supported a personal injury claim caused by a slip for Lynn Campbell-Gammie from GlasgowLynn slipped in an icy car park at her former place of work and successfully received a five-figure sum in compensation. Read more about Lynn’s story below.  


How a simple slip led to a personal injury claim 


Lynn Campbell-Gammie sustained a left radial fracture which led to her developing a condition named de quervains tenosynovitis. This affects the tendons on the thumb side of the wrist. 

 Two days after the accident, which happened in December 2017, Lynn’s sister sadly passed awayUnfortunately, her injuries were so bad that she was not fit to drive to the funeral in Cambridge. 

 The funeral was put off until Lynn was fit enough to travel there but the impact of the incident has caused her great distress. 

 This month she was awarded compensation for her slip and losses from her former employer after pursuing a successful case through Watermans Solicitors. 


A workplace injury claim with added pressures 


Lynn, a home care organiser for East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “It’s been a really stressful time, particularly having to wait for surgery. 

“My sister passed away two days after the accident and I wasn’t able to be with her when she died because of my injuries. I wasn’t able to get to her in time. 

“I did get to the funeral but that had to be delayed for six weeks because I couldn’t get there while my arm was in plaster. 

“That was one of the worst things about what happened. When we were informed the day before that she was going to die then I would have gone straight down to see her but couldn’t.” 

In addition to the trauma and stress surrounding her sister’s death, at the timing of the accident, Lynn has suffered from a recurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome.  

She has signs of early osteoarthritis in the base of her left thumb and there is a concern that her carpal tunnel syndrome may deteriorate over time. 

She needed time off work and will require further time off once it is possible for her surgery to go ahead this year.  

Her home life was affected by her injuries and she needed assistance with household chores from her partner who had to use annual leave from work to help. She had to have a course of physiotherapy, a steroid injection and nerve conduction studies, all of which were recommended by our expert. 

Lynn continued: “I’m so grateful for Watermans Solicitors for stepping in during such a difficult time.  

“It’s wonderful that personal injury was there for me because I’ve recovered all of my losses and received something for the pain and suffering that I’ve went through.” 


No win no fee claims and personal injury legal advice 


Heather Tierney, a Senior Solicitor at Watermans, said: “Lynn has been through a considerable amount since her accident in 2017.  

“Often when the public think about an accident at work, they don’t realise the huge impact it can have on the individual. For Lynn, it was much more than the physical pain, loss of income and inconvenience.  

Heather Tierney


“There was a huge impact on her life and a great deal of distressed caused particularly surrounding the passing of her sister.  

“At Watermans we pride ourselves on working hard for our clients and achieving the best settlement possible in the circumstances. I hope that the compensation in this instance allows Lynn to move forward and put the accident behind her.” 

If you would like to discuss your no win no fee personal injury claim for a workplace incident, please contact one expert personal injury lawyers today.