What happens if I have a car accident and the other driver admits liability?

By Susanne McGraw April 23rd 2017

You are entitled to compensation for any injuries and losses if you have a car accident and the other driver admits liability. Remember, to immediately note down any admission of liability. Also note if any other witnesses happened to hear someone saying, or simply implying, that the car accident was their fault.

It is worth finding out if you can claim for any injuries you sustain, even if it’s just minor bruising. Many people think that their injuries are not severe enough. No injury is too minor. Don’t suffer in silence because of another person’s mistake, contact a personal injury solicitor.

Claims where the other driver admits liability are more straightforward than claims where liability is an issue. If someone has already admitted liability, it should make for a much smoother process. That is, as long as all the correct details, such as their insurance information, are readily available.

Issues in relation to claiming your compensation only occur when it is unclear who is actually at fault in an accident. This may delay the process, but you will still be awarded compensation if you are not at fault. You should appoint a personal injury solicitor before you do anything else.

Being involved in a car accident is overwhelming. It is often impossible to think clearly. In fact, some people completely forget to take any details they may later require for claiming compensation. But it’s crucial that you don’t drive away from the scene and that you get as many details as possible. Be completely prepared beforehand by downloading an app such as The Accident Tool Kit that provide you with all the information you need to collect in the form of a step by step process.

After a car accident, contact a personal injury solicitor straight away to ensure you;

  • Don’t loose your no claims bonus
  • Don’t have to pay your insurance excess
  • Have your car repaired and are provided with a courtesy car
  • Don’t have to deal with your insurance company by yourself

You should always behave as though you are intending to pursue a claim, even if you do not initially intend to. This will at least set the wheels in motion should you wish to claim later on. With neck and back injuries it is not always initially apparent that you have suffered an injury. It can take days or even weeks for you to realise you have sustained an injury from the accident. This is why you should always visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Following the above guidelines and recommended steps may save you unnecessary additional stress, time trouble and expense.