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Vibration White Finger Claim

Vibration White Finger is a condition caused through the repeated use of using machinery that causes heavy vibrations.

Many reported cases have been from those that use chainsaws, pneumatic drills and power drills on a daily basis.

Vibration White Finger, or VWF, is a highly recognised disease that affects thousands of workers every year. If your job involves you using machinery that vibrates then it is up to your employer to warn you of the possible side effects. They can also help train you in order to help prevent VWF as much as possible.

Making a Vibration White Finger Claim

If Vibration White Finger is seriously affecting your work and personal life then you may be entitled to a compensation claim. If you are able to show that your VWF is due to a lack of training or warning of the possible side effects then you should contact Watermans Accident Claims and Care today.

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