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Scaffolding Accident Compensation Claims

43% of scaffolding accidents were caused by slips, trips and falls on the same level in 2013. 15 operatives in NASC member companies fell from height in 2013. The highest reported fall was from 15m. 13% of scaffolding injuries are fractures to the hand, wrist and fingers.

Source: National Access and Scaffolding Confederation Safety Report 2014

Ongoing improvements in the scaffolding industry have seen dramatic improvements to safety standards in recent years, according to statistics filed by the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation's member companies.

Yet accidents still happen - and people who work with scaffolding face a number of risks when they are at work.

Common scaffolding accidents that can lead to injuries include:

  • Falls causing fractures to legs, arms, neck, back and spine
  • Being struck by falling objects
  • Being crushed when scaffolding collapses
  • Electrocution and burn from overhead power lines
  • Slips, trips and falls on the scaffolding boards and planking

If you've been injured while working on a scaffolding, you may have a claim

Any serious injury can have an impact on both the person who is injured and their family. Accidents can lead to time in hospital, long periods of recovery and rehabilitation and can leave you off work for months or even years.

Although scaffolding related fatalities are increasingly rare these days, they still happen from time to time and, when they do, it has a devastating impact on families.

If you've been injured as the result of a scaffolding accident that wasn't your fault, you may be entitled to a claim for compensation. Watermans' Total Care can ensure you get everything you and your family need at every stage of your recovery.

How does claiming work? Does it cost money?

Our team will be happy to discuss your claim. You'll find them approachable and friendly. They'll look closely at your case to see if you gave grounds for a claim. Our legal team works alongside leading medical experts and they'll help us to assess and build your case. There are no up-front costs, we have a No Win No Fee policy.

Does claiming take a long time?

Each different case depends on a number of factors - including the nature of your injuries. The circumstances of your accident can have an impact on timing too and how the other party responds to your claim. We like to move things as quickly as possible, however, and we'll always work hard to keep you informed throughout the process.

Am I likely to win?

Because every case is properly assessed before it goes ahead, you have a very high chance of success. Watermans has helped over 20,000 people to win damages following accidents and our insistence on No Win No Fee means we work as hard as possible to make sure your claim succeeds.

Take a look at our calculator to see the typical compensation awards for different types of injury.