There are numerous types of work accidents that occur in Scotland every day. These happen as a result of an accident at work, illness or trauma. The type of accident or illness you experience will determine the type and extent of your compensation claim.

Personal injuries relating to accidents in work can be categorised as physical or psychological: but they also include illness or disease. Examples of physical or psychological injuries include injuries sustained following a car accident or work-related stress.

Accidents in work may be caused by many factors including faulty or dangerous equipment, lack of risk assessments or appropriate training, unsafe manual handling procedures or even physical assault. Work-related illnesses or diseases may also develop after long exposure to harmful substances in the workplace.

Work related accidents can happen anywhere from construction sites to factories and warehouses and even offices. Every workplace has its unique risks, some bigger than others however whatever the job, the employer is expected to protect employees against these risks.

If your employer breaches one of the statutory duties and you end up injured at work, they or their insurer may be liable to pay compensation for your damages and any losses incurred.

Same if you’ve had an accident in a workplace and you think you did not receive suitable protective equipment or sufficient safety training you may be entitled to claim for injury at work compensation.

Our specialist accident at work lawyers can deal with all types of work injury claims relating to:

Many accidents at work claims are made as a result of working in an industrial environment such as a factory or a building site. Whilst it is assumed that a greater proportion of work injury accidents happen in industrial environments due to the nature of the work; there are others which happen in other environments such as farms, forests and offices.

It is extremely important not to underestimate the impact a workplace accident has on you, and your family. Any work accident can result in a long term injury which permanently changes your life. Which can mean time off work, resulting in a loss of earnings, pension rights and financial stability?

This could push you into financial hardship. The likelihood of this is greater if you have to give up work entirely.

There may be additional expenses to cost relating to specialist services such as physiotherapy, medication, treatment, even trips to hospital and back.

Claiming for an accident at work can help with covering many of the costs mentioned above.

Most accident compensation claims are funded through a fee agreement called no win no fee. This makes compensation accessible to people who cannot afford to pay solicitor fees.  No win no fee means you won’t be charged if your claim is unsuccessful. However, if you win your case, your employer pays your legal fees.

 Our accident at work lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with these types of claims, understand the many complex issues involved.

If you want to know more about the accident at work claim process then visit our making a claim for compensation section.

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Accidents At Work

Frequently Asked Questions

You can claim for compensation after an accident if you were an employee who was injured through no fault of their own. You might even be able to claim if you were partially responsible for the accident. However, in these cases, the compensation awarded will be lower in value, due to your involvement.

Scots law allows a period of 3 years in which to bring a claim for compensation against the person or organisation you consider to be at fault for causing your accident but the sooner you begin your claim the sooner you will know if your case is going to be successful and the sooner we can obtain a settlement for you. In the case of a child (under 16) being involved in an accident, they have until the eve of their 19th birthday (i.e. 3 years for their 16th birthday) in order to pursue a claim.

We will act for you on a “No Win, No Fee” basis meaning that we will never ask you to pay a fee to us for our service. Even if your case is unsuccessful we would not look for you to pay the defender’s costs – we would meet these for you.