Accidents Abroad

Scots make millions of trips overseas every year – and whether it’s a package holiday or a business trip, accidents abroad happen.

Suffering an accident overseas can be especially traumatising because you are so far from home. Whether it’s a road traffic accident, a bout of illness, medical negligence, a slip or trip or a fall from height, dealing with the aftermath of an injury is often a difficult experience. Some of the most common type of injuries our personal injury solicitors have dealt with are:

  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Sickness and illness such as food poisoning
  • Serious injuries

If you pick up an injury or illness whilst abroad due to another party’s negligence, you should make a claim for compensation. Whether you have been let down by a package holiday provider or in an accident abroad involving a car or other transportation vehicle, you are entitled to compensation to help deal with the consequences of your injuries.

Our expert lawyers can guide you through dealing with pursuing a compensation claim in a foreign country and give you peace of mind as you focus on rehabilitation from your injuries. Compensation will offer financial security to cover medical costs at home and abroad, pay for medical treatment or future care and loss of earnings from time off work and your ruined trip abroad.