Young woman awarded compensation after supermarket cage incident

19th May 2020
Lisa Boyle

Young woman awarded compensation after supermarket cage incident


A young woman has been awarded more than £3,000 of compensation in a successful claim pursued by Watermans Solicitors, after a shop worker rammed a heavy metal milk cage into her shoulder in a supermarket aisle.

The 21-year-old, who has remained anonymous, has been left with ongoing pain in her shoulder following the incident at the Co-op shop in Tilicoultry on June 1 last year.

She was injured when a shop assistant, pushing a heavy crate, exited one of the aisles without paying attention, and rammed into her with the large metal cage which was stacked with milk bottles.



The pursuer at Watermans Solicitors said: “I was out shopping, walking down one of the aisles when one of the workers struck me from the left hand side.

“I was hit with the cage which was really heavy because it was full of milk. I’ve worked in shops so I know you’re meant to pull those cages and not just push them.”

The client told how she initially brushed off the accident but woke up the following day with sudden, severe pains throughout her body.

“At first I was in shock and kind of laughed it off but that night, a few hours later, it started to really hurt,” she explained.

“The next day I was in so much pain so I went to the hospital to get checked out in case my collar bone was broken.”

She was given X-rays and medics told the injured woman, a supermarket assistant, that whilst luckily nothing was broken, she had sustained from nerve damage following the ordeal.



She said: “I had a few x-rays and it turned out it was really bad nerve damage.”  But the victim has not yet made a recovery from her injuries.

She instructed solicitors at our personal injury firm to handle the unusual case and received physiotherapy and acupuncture as part of her claim.  This week she was awarded £3,375 in compensation from the supermarket for the ordeal.

Aimee Elder, the solicitor who handled the case, said: “Going to the supermarket is probably one of the most common place and mundane tasks that people do every week.



“It’s ubiquitous – every single one of us goes at some point but no-one would ever walk into a supermarket and anticipate that they might be in any danger.

“Unfortunately, accidents really can happen anywhere, at any time, and even on a ‘normal’ day.  In this case our client has suffered from an ongoing injury, which has had a significant impact on many parts of her life, due to someone’s inattention on an ordinary day whilst out shopping.

“I’m delighted that were able to assist her in her claim, not just in terms of the compensation, but also the treatment that we were able to provide to her, which will aid in her recovery.”

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