World boxing champ Josh Taylor and British Supersports racer Rory Skinner swap roles for Watermans Ambassador Day

15th Jan 2020
Lisa Boyle

World boxing champ Josh Taylor and British Supersports racer Rory Skinner swap roles for Watermans Ambassador Day


Boxing world champion Josh Taylor swapped sports with up and coming motorcycle racer Rory Skinner at an adrenaline-pumping Sports Ambassador Day held by leading personal injury firm Watermans.

The fighter, 28, put British motorsports star Rory, 18, through his paces in the boxing ring at Lochend Boxing Club in Edinburgh before trying out the track at Knockhill Racing Circuit During the event in December.



Pictured by Euan Duff // Duff Company


Speaking after he whizzed round the race tracks at more than 100mph, an exhilarated Josh said: “It was brilliant, once I got on the bike I wanted to keep going but I didn’t want to push it and end up crashing Rory’s bike!

“It’s the first time I’ve gone round Knockhill on a bike, so thanks to Watermans for giving me the opportunity.


“Rory was out of his comfort zone in the boxing gym and I was out mine here as well but it was a really enjoyable experience.

“I think he enjoyed it and we had a wee bit of a laugh with him battering away at me.

“I think it’s great for sports people to be mixing environments.”



Watermans organised the swap as part of their Sports Ambassador Day to honour their dedication to supporting up and coming Scottish talents.

The event kicked off at Lochend Boxing Club where talented racer Rory had the chance to see behind the scenes of what goes into making a world champion boxer.  Watermans are long standing sponsors of Lochend Boxing Club where Taylor began his boxing career.



They then moved onto Knockhill Racing Circuit, where Josh braved the cold and wet climates to speed round the race tracks on Rory’s Kawasaki Motorcycle, sponsored by Watermans.

Rory, who was the 2017 British Talent Cup Champion, said: “Watermans invited me to do some training with Josh Taylor – the World Champion – and it’s been a bit of a learning curve for me as I’ve never really boxed before.


Pictured by Euan Duff // Duff Company


“I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher than Josh to teach me the techniques. It was tough but it’s been really rewarding learning how he trains and what it’s like in the boxing ring. I can maybe take some of that towards my training and prepare myself better for next year.

“Josh put me through my paces so it was good for a bit of role reversal. I think Josh did a great job considering he’s never done this before and he was thrown in at the deep end with the conditions.

“I’d be quite excited to see what he’d be able to do in a warmer climate. You never know what he’s going to do after he finishes his boxing and he clearly enjoys being on a bike.

“It was great to see what Josh goes through with his training so it was great of Watermans for giving me the opportunity to learn about that. I’ll definitely use the skills for my sporting future.


Pictured by Euan Duff // Duff Company


“This isn’t something you can do all the time so I’m really grateful for Watermans inviting me to do this.

“I enjoyed it but I think I’ll stick with my motorcycle racing.”

Scott Whyte, Managing Director at Watermans, said: “We had the great opportunity to bring world champion boxer Josh Taylor, and one of the most up and coming talents in motorcycling, Rory Skinner, together to swap sports for the day.

“This highlights our commitment to supporting some of the best sporting talent in Scotland. We’ve got two extremely talented individuals in Josh and Rory, and whilst they’re competing in two very different sports, there’s definitely things they can learn from each other.

“We’ve been happy to put this day on for the guys and from the smiles on both of their faces, they’ve had a blast and we wish them well in their respective sports in 2020.”