Winter Driving Tips & Car Essentials

12th Nov 2019
Lisa Boyle

Winter Driving Tips & Car Essentials

Scotland has more extreme weather than any other UK country, so being prepared for winter driving is a necessity.

Our winter driving essentials guide provides tips on things to keep in your car during winter, a winter driving safety checklist and much more. With an increased risk of road traffic accidents in winter, all drivers should take responsibility for whether their car is winter driving safe.

Cold weather survival kit for your car

Our winter car essentials will prepare you for all weather conditions. We want to reduce the number of road traffic accidents in Scotland by providing plenty of tips for staying safe this winter.


Winter Driving Tips 

Winter driving tips

It is known that road accidents are more common during winter, so taking precautions and understanding winter driving tips is essential. Before setting off this winter, you should ask yourself – do I need to drive?

For most parts of Scotland, there are easily accessible public transport alternatives which can provide a safer route to your destination. However, if driving around Scotland in winter is unavoidable for you, you should find out if your car is suitable for winter driving.

Tips for new drivers

It is important for all drivers to be prepared for driving around Scotland in the winter, but for new drivers, this may be the first time they need to consider how to drive in the snow or are faced with icy roads. New drivers should be aware of the winter driving essentials by ensuring they are familiar with our things to keep in the car for winter and the best tips for winter driving.

Winter driving conditions  

Driving in winter you can expect to see extreme weather conditions. Days can be a mixture of driving in snow or tackling icy roads, and you can expect less daylight hours during the winter. So, while you hope to be cosy at home during Scotland’s snow days, you may be caught unexpected and it is important to be prepared with tips for driving in the snow.

What to do if you are in a road traffic accident?

There are so many things to think about in the aftermath of a road traffic accident. That’s where we can help; we work tirelessly to get you the best compensation possible after an accident to help you recover. This can cover things such as car repair costs and loss of earnings due to injury.

Find out how much compensation you are entitled to via our personal injury calculator.

With a bit of forward-thinking, it’s possible to reduce your chances of being in an accident.