Using your mobile while driving – Report Scotland

13th Feb 2019
Agata Myszkowska

Marketing Manager


Using your mobile while driving – Report Scotland

Scottish drivers are more likely to use their phone whilst driving a survey by Transport Scotland and the Department of Transport has revealed.

The study shows that drivers in Scotland are more likely to use a mobile phone compared to anywhere else in the UK. The figure doubles for drivers between 17 to 24 years old with traffic lights being the highest mobile use recorded.

A driver who is using a mobile is four times as likely to crash, a police study also reveals. Even holding a mobile whilst sitting in a queue of traffic or being stationary at traffic lights is an offence by law.

Stricker penalties relating to using a mobile phone while driving which came into force in March 2017 were expected to address this issue, however, the reality is that drivers continue to neglect these rules.

Sadly, we see more and more fatal accidents caused by drivers distracted by mobile phones UK wide.

It is worth remembering that gambling with the safety of others may have catastrophic consequences not only for yourself but the lives of others that are destroyed following a road traffic accident.