Tina Gordon

Tina Gordon has spent over 15 years coaching and running wheelchair basketball clubs and events. She first became involved in the sport when she was only 13 years old; assisting her coaches in setting up mini sessions at the basketball club in Frome, Somerset.

Tina has been instrumental in developing the league competition in Scotland and continues to coach up and down the country. She has recently set -up Glow in the Dark, the innovative, recreational sessions that were featured on the BBC.

Dedicated to helping others, she has mentored many aspiring wheelchair basketball players who have recently been involved in GB age group squads, making a huge impact on their development. Additionally, her Inclusion Module for coaching CPD programmes has helped trainers be more inclusive with the skills and drills they use.

She continues to inspire, with a focus on creating opportunities for women to play in non-competitive sporting environments, so they can enjoy the associated health benefits.