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Wrongful Death Compensation

While cases of 'wrongful death' are relatively rare, when they do occur, there is usually a strong case for a claim for compensation on behalf of the victim's family and dependents.

Wrongful death covers situations where people have died as the result of things like industrial accidents, medical negligence, road traffic accidents and even criminal acts. For families who have to face the grief and suffering of losing a loved one, the idea of claiming compensation can seem daunting. That's why our expert team takes care to work closely with families to ensure that the case is handled respectfully and sensitively.

Wrongful death compensation is designed to protect families from financial hardship - covering things like loss of earnings and funeral expenses. It also allows you to claim for damages relating to distress, grief and loss.

If you have lost a relative in circumstances where someone else was to blame, and you feel that you could have a case for a claim, then you should speak to Watermans personal injury solicitors today. It won't cost you to start your claim and if we don't win your case, there will be no fee to pay.

Starting your claim

The period following the death of a loved one is difficult at any time and even more so when someone else is to blame. Our experienced team knows exactly how to approach your situation and will work hard to assess your case and start your claim. To get started, you can email, call or complete our online form.

Will I win my case?

Over 20,000 people have won claims for compensation with Watermans. We have the expertise and the experience to ensure that we put forward a strong case for compensation and maximise your chances of success.

How long does a claim take?

There's no set time for a case. Each one depends on the specific details of the case. We'll progress your claim as quickly as possible, however, and keep you informed every step of the way.

If wish to make a wrongful death claim on behalf of a loved one, speak to Watermans right away. Claims must be made within 3 years of the fatal accident.