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Hand Injuries

Injuries to the hand are very common and account for 10% of all A&E hospital attendances, including Scotland.

When we think about it, we are all very dependant on the proper functioning of our hands for almost everything we do in our everyday life – without our hands, life would be very difficult.

For this reason, when a hand injury does occur it can be very debilitating and can cause a great deal of disruption – in our home life, at our work and even just getting dressed in the morning!

Injuries to the hand commonly involve damage to the nerves, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels – it is a highly complex piece of “machinery” in terms of movement & sensitivity.

Hand injuries may occur in the workplace – a common cause being unguarded/unsafe machinery. 4.7 million days were lost due to workplace injury in 2008/9, many of these involving hand injury.

Crushing injuries often affect the hand, commonly when operating heavy machinery, lifting or moving heavy objects and in the vicinity of heavy closing doors. Often these involve broken bones or fractures. In serious cases, amputation of fingers or hand can result.

Burns and scalds are commonly associated with hand injuries in the work place, typically in commercial kitchens where insufficient training or inadequate supervision is often the cause.

Given the reliance we all have on our hands in our everyday life it is important to seek immediate medical attention following a hand injury, especially for deep cuts and lacerations where nerve damage may have occurred requiring urgent surgical treatment. Watermans are able to offer clients free rehabilitation including hand physiotherapy through its unique Total Care programme operating throughout Scotland.

You may be entitled to financial compensation for your injury and if you have had time off work, loss of earnings as well.

For a chat about your case and for an assessment of what compensation you may be entitled to, call or email our specialist team today – we are here to help. Remember you only have 3 years to make a claim.