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Claims For Hearing Loss

  • Around 17,000 people in the UK suffer deafness, ringing in the ears or other ear conditions caused by excessive noise at work*
  • Around 1% of the UK population have tinnitus that affects their quality of life†
  • Noise exposure is the biggest cause of permanent hearing loss^
  • If noise exposure reaches 80dB, employers are legally bound to take action*

* Source: Health and Safety Executive
Source: Action on Hearing Loss
^ Source: World Health Organisation

Though more than 10 million people in the UK suffer from hearing problems, cases of work related hearing loss are avoidable. There are many precautions that employers can take to ensure that working conditions comply with The Control of Noise at Work Regulations.

Yet every year, workers suffer from hearing problems that are caused by prolonged exposure to excessive noise. Whether the problems come from working with noisy machinery, loud music in pubs and clubs or other sources, it's vital that employers provide the right risk assessment, training and protection required to ensure that workers don't suffer hearing loss.

If you've suffered hearing loss or deafness as a direct result of your working conditions, you may be able to claim for compensation. Watermans' experience in this area can help you to get access to any specialist medical treatment you require and can put together your case for compensation.

How do I claim?

To start your claim, all you have to do is get in touch. You can email, call or complete the form online. Our team is approachable and friendly and we'll be able to quickly assess your personal situation and work out if you have a case for compensation. With our 'no win, no fee' policy, it won't cost to start your claim and you'll never be out of pocket.

Will I win my case?

More than 20,000 people have won their claims for compensation with Watermans - and we are used to dealing with hearing loss claims. We'll only progress if you have a strong case to make a claim. Taking the time to assess your claim at the start maximises your chances of success.

How long does a claim take?

Each personal injury case is different. They depend on factors like the severity of your hearing loss, your working circumstances and how the party to blame responds to the claim. We'll progress your claim as quickly as possible and keep you informed every step of the way.

Use our injury calculator to see the kind of damages you could expect when you've suffered hearing loss.

If you’ve suffered hearing loss and want to make a claim, get in touch with us today. Claims must be made within 3 years of developing hearing loss at work.