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Brain Injury Accidents & Brain Injury Compensation

As a firm of personal injury specialists, we have experience in helping family & friends of accident victims suffering traumatic brain injuries in Scotland.

We know the effects of brain injury symptoms may be physical, cognitive, behavioural or emotional and all require dedicated recovery programmes including rehabilitation and care provision.

Here at Watermans we have access to accredited and approved experts to assist at all levels in caring for someone with brain injury, including all the practical issues. Our lawyers receive specialist ongoing training in all aspects of personal injury, including courses accredited by brain injury organisations such as Headway, BIRT (Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust) & Graham Anderson House in Glasgow.

Watermans are accredited head injury specialists with Headway, The Brain Injury Association and appear on the Head Injury Solicitors List 2014.

Of course financial compensation is very important and we, together with our panel of top Advocates & QC’s, will work hard to win the maximum compensation the injured client deserves, including often much needed interim payments at the earliest opportunity.

All brain injury clients will have a dedicated solicitor acting personally throughout the case and regular contact will be guaranteed.

In most brain injury cases we will arrange home visits anywhere in Scotland – we always feel it is better to “put a face to the name” and makes it easier for you to ask all the questions you may have.

Importantly, on acceptance, we will fund your case through to conclusion (including Court costs if litigated) and not require any up-front fees.

To discuss your case further, please phone or email Scott Whyte.