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Private Surgery

In some cases of Personal Injury, it may be necessary for you to undergo surgery to correct or heal your injuries. As part of our Total Care service we will not only arrange for you to have private surgery, but we will also ensure that any medical fees are paid for by any liable defendants.

There are many benefits to private surgery, no lengthy waiting lists, more efficient service, better care and more experienced surgeons. Here at Watermans we only work with the best, and we like to know that our clients are being well treated and well taken care of.

Surgery can be very expensive, and can quite often be the cause of great financial trouble, post-accident. If you were injured due to the fault or negligence of another party, then there is no reason why you should pay for anything. Here at Watermans we are dedicated to providing our services on a No Win No Fee basis, this means that you will receive full compensation and Total Care with no hidden costs or fees, all fees will be paid by the party at fault.

For more information regarding any of our Total Care services, please contact us today, to speak to one of our specialist Injury Solicitors.