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Every year we get many clients who have been involved in traumatic, stressful or life altering accident. In these cases the injury may not be physical but instead lie deeper. As part of our Total Care service we are able to refer our clients to some of Scotland's most qualified counsellors, who work to help our clients overcome their experiences.

Some scars are not visible, but can be just as damaging to one's life. Counselling can be an extremely effective method of mental healing post accident. Counselling can help those that have witnessed or been involved in a traumatic experience, have spent large amounts of time in hospital, or are simply finding it hard to adjust to life post accident.

We work with some of the best counsellors in Scotland so that we can provide the very highest level of medical care for our clients. We will also ensure that all fees are paid for by those liable for your experience or accident. It is this dedication to our client's well being that sets us apart from our competitors. For more information regarding our Total Care service please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to offer help and advice.