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During & Aftercare

Your first step on the road to recovery and redress is to talk to Watermans Accident Claims and Care.
Firstly, we will take stress and worry out of pursuing a personal injury claim, and, secondly, we will ensure that your recovery is assisted by our Watermans Total Care Service.

You will be offered the opportunity to speak to our Total Care providers who will prepare an assessment of your rehabilitation needs.  Following this assessment we will then arrange for treatment to be provided to you.  This treatment may be in addition to any other treatment you are receiving via the NHS.

You will receive treatment free of charge under our Total Care service and the cost of the treatment will be recovered from the at fault party at the conclusion of your peronal injury claim.

Details of the different types of treatment we can provide are listed on the right of this page.
If you will require further treatment for your peronal injuries beyond the settlement of your case we are also able to seek an award of further damages as part of your settlement to ensure that your treatment costs are covered.