The personal injury horrors of Halloween: Common dangers and how to stay safe

22nd Oct 2020
Agata Myszkowska

Marketing Manager


The personal injury horrors of Halloween: Common dangers and how to stay safe


Halloween is supposed to be a time of fancy dress fun, spooky films and embracing your dark side.

That said, with more people out in the street trick or treating or partying the night away, it can also be dangerous.

According to data analysed by Churchill Car Insurance, the risk of children being involving in a traffic collision on Halloween increases by 75 per cent.

Up to date figures from the Department for Transport showed an average of 49 children hit by cars on Halloween over a three-year period – almost twice the number involved in collisions for the two weeks before and after October 31st.

Being aware of potential hazards is important when it comes to stopping an accident from ruining your Halloween fun.

Some of the most common personal injury dangers around Halloween season include:

  • Pedestrian related road accidents when trick or treating
  • Chemical burns from fake blood / novelty products
  • Road crash accidents involving drunk drivers
  • Slips and trips from Halloween displays
  • Burn injuries


Halloween safety tips

With Halloween just around the corner, we want to make sure trick and treaters can keep themselves as safe as possible during this spooky period.

To stay safe, keep the following in mind

  • Make sure children have a flashlight and reflective clothing to be seen when out trick or treating
  • Opt for fire-resistant costumes and wigs
  • Make sure all face paint for Halloween is non-toxic
  • Look out for children walking on the roads
  • Advise children to always look both ways before crossing the road
  • Make sure kids are accompanied by a responsible adult when trick or treating
  • Drivers should enter and exit driveways slowly
  • Never drive under when tired or under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Our personal injury firm hope that you and your loved ones have a safe and fun-filled Halloween this year.

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