Sponsor charity Blood Bikes reveal extent of life-saving work during pandemic

22nd Jul 2020
Lisa Boyle

Sponsor charity Blood Bikes reveal extent of life-saving work during pandemic


Generous staff at luxury motorcycle retailer Motorrad Central in Dalkeith are donating £50 from every bike sold to life-saving local charity Blood Bikes Scotland.

It comes as the Blood Bikes charity, who have a dedicated car sponsored by leading personal injury firm Watermans Solicitors, covered 25250 miles and responded to 1018 emergency requests during the month of June, while transporting life-saving medical supplies and samples between NHS sites in Forth Valley, Fife and the Scottish Borders during the coronavirus pandemic.



Last month hard-working volunteers also gave up a total of 2214 hours of their time to transport blood samples, medical equipment, documents, baby milk and other items to hospitals and clinics.

Since January this year alone, dedicated volunteers at Blood Bikes have committed 5,801 hours of their time towards the life-saving cause.

Now, in response to a plea for donations to help towards the service’s £3,500 monthly costs, supporters at Motorrad Central in Dalkeith, Midlothian, have stepped in, donating £800 to the charity in June alone.

John Baxter, chairman at Blood Bikes, said: “Blood Bikes Scotland are very grateful to the team at Motorrad for all their support.



“The service team has been amazing keeping our bikes on the road when required during lockdown and donations from bike sales during June and July is appreciated.

“It is a very challenging time for fundraising and this support is very welcome at this time.”

Grant Elliot, Head of Business at the independently owned retailer, added: “The dealership has worked with Bloodbikes for the last couple of years, taking part in various fundraising ideas to donate to the charity when we can.

“Bloodbikes predominantly use our BMW bikes, which is great, so we wanted to do more to offer support to them.

“We decided to donate £50 of every bike sold throughout the months of June and July to help them raise more funds during the pandemic. Last month we raised £800 for them.

“Our workshop has remained open one day each week during lockdown to help support Blood Bikes and essential key workers. We also helped them out by giving them one of our demonstrators as an additional bike.

“The volunteers do an amazing job and have been flat out in recent months. The charity keeps growing and they deserve to be recognised for the work that they carry out.”



Blood Bikes Scotland has turned its attention to speeding up the covid-19 testing process in the region for the last four months.

Operated by over 100 volunteers, Blood Bikes Scotland’s motorcyclists deliver urgent medication, equipment, medication or documentation at short notice for the NHS in the Borders, Lothians, Forth Valley and Fife, helping patients and saving the NHS money it would otherwise have to spend on taxis and couriers.

In September last year, Watermans announced a three-year sponsorship agreement the free-of-charge medical courier service.

Scott Whyte, Managing Director at Watermans Solicitors, said: “In these unprecedented times the free services provided to the NHS in Scotland by Blood Bikes Scotland are all the more valuable but at the same time come with greater risks for the charity’s volunteers.

“It’s wonderful to see a thriving local business like Motorrad Central take the time to offer their generous help and donations to Blood Bikes Scotland, who we have proudly been sponsors of for almost a year now.”