Speeding in Scotland – Report

18th Jan 2019
Agata Myszkowska

Marketing Manager


Speeding in Scotland – Report

A report by Police Scotland from earlier in the year stated that more than 1,000 Scottish drivers are caught speeding every a week. The report highlighted that 949 drivers were caught speeding by speed cameras and another 306 were stopped by police officers. Another report found that more than 50 drivers were speeding near a number of rural primary schools.

Speeding is particularly worrying around primary schools, where children are likely to walk out onto the road in front of passing vehicles. There is a common misconception that when a pedestrian or a child steps in the road, by law they would be entirely at fault for the accident. However, this is not always the case.

Even, if a pedestrian is to blame for the accident, they could still make a claim against the driver. However, the level of compensation awarded would be significantly lower than when a driver was fully at fault. Read more about pedestrian accidents here.

The faster you drive, the less likely will identify a potential hazard, such as a pedestrian crossing the road or an approaching cyclist. Traveling more quickly gives you less time to maneuver, and braking suddenly is more likely to result in an impact.

It will take you about three car lengths to stop at 20mph. This will increases to six car lengths at 30pmh and nine at 40mph and so on. A pedestrian hit at 30mph has one in five chance of being killed. At 35mph this increases to one in three. Higher speeds also have an impact on your ability to look out for and avoid reckless drivers in other vehicles.

The maximum speed that you should travel depends on a number of factors, including the type of vehicle you own, the road and the weather conditions. It’s not always safe to drive exactly on the limit: when there’s water, snow or ice on the road, for example.

The minimum penalty for those caught speeding is £100 fine and three penalty points. New drivers will lose their license if they have six or more penalty points within two years of passing their test. Experienced drivers need to accrue 12 or more.

Speed limits on Scottish roads are in place for a reason. Driving recklessly causes accidents, and could lead to serious injury or death. You should reduce your speed to suit road conditions in order to protect yourself and those around you.