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Dog Bite Compensation Claims

Dog bites are the most common cause of personal injury by an animal in Scotland. The injuries can often be psychological as well as physical, and if you or your friend or family member has been a victim of a dog bite, you could be eligible for a compensation claim.

For a dog bite claim to be successful, you need evidence that the owner or handler knew or should have known that the dog was dangerous and therefore likely to bite someone if not controlled or restrained properly. Certain dogs are required to be muzzled when in public under the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991, but dogs of all sizes can injure humans.

In order to proceed with your claim, make sure you get the owner’s contact details, as well as any witnesses'. Consider reporting the incident to the police – this can help the case of any potential future victims. The majority of people who own a dog will have either home insurance or dedicated pet insurance – if your dog bite compensation claim is successful, the payout should be from the dog owner’s insurance company.

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