Spinal Injury Compensation Claims

Following a spinal cord injury, the chances of a full recovery are usually pretty slim and some form of paralysis may remain which affects a person’s quality of life.
Around 1200 people are paralysed from a spinal cord injury every year in the UK (including Scotland).

Spinal injury can occur in many types of accidents:

  • Road Traffic Accidents (36.8%)
  • Falls (41.7%)
  • Sport (11.6%)
  • Knocked over/collision/lifting (4.2%)
  • Sharp Trauma/Assault (2.7%)
  • Trauma (unspecified) (3.3%)

With our specialised team here in Scotland, we work closely with the injured party and his/her family often by way of home and hospital visits. Our lawyers receive specialist ongoing training in all aspects of personal injury law, including courses accredited by spinal injury organisations.

We understand that spinal injuries may have a significant impact on the victim’s life and may result in long-term or permanent implications, including ability to work and specialist care requirements.

Spinal injuries will often attract very substantial compensation awards – and deservedly so. Claimants are entitled to be financially compensated not only for the physical pain and suffering of the injury itself, but also for rehabilitation costs, specialist care and equipment and the cost of home modifications.

In addition, our experienced solicitors will advise on the complex issues of past and future wage loss and pension rights – often forming the largest part of the eventual financial settlement.

We will also advise on interim payments that may be required to meet immediate costs, including specialist care, accommodation and equipment,

At Watermans, we are able to offer clients private rehabilitation and medical care through our unique Total Care programme.

To discuss your case further including our unique no win, no fee option, please phone or email Scott Whyte or Neil Stewart – we are here to help, and to help your future.