Recovery after an Accident: Tips from ESP Physio

10th Aug 2021

Recovery after an Accident: Tips from ESP Physio

Watermans spoke with Mark from ESP Physio about recovering after an accident.

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If you have suffered an accident during a collision and attended A&E, our solicitors recommend that you keep a record of any injuries, medical notes, and prescriptions. This could provide useful evidence for the solicitor investigating your case. Watermans want you to be back on the mend as soon as you’re able.  You can choose to avoid the NHS waiting list, we can organise private health care and physiotherapy sessions to help you with your recovery. This usually means that you will be seen by a medical professional sooner than being on the NHS waiting lists.

As part of your no-win-no-fee claim, we can recommend you for physiotherapy. ESP Physio was established in 2012 and has practices across Scotland. Expect treatment from day one as they quickly identify the source of your pain and put together a treatment plan.  Watermans can honestly trust and recommend them to our clients, as many of our staff have been personally treated by their physiotherapists!

Mark from ESP Physio is a former professional rugby player, and so he has seen his fair share of injuries both playing and coaching. He is now fully qualified in Sports Coaching, Sports Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, Sports Coaching and Strength and Conditioning. He very kindly took time out to provide an insight into post-accident recovery.

How soon should someone attend physio after an accident?

Depending on the seriousness of the accident, generally we would advise that patients are seen as early as possible for assessment and treatment. In some cases, the patient is very sore and may feel that they might struggle to have an assessment completed due to the pain, however physiotherapy treatment will often help them reduce their pain quicker and get them back to moving more normally in a quicker time frame. If you are in severe pain, please go to A&E to get checked out.

How important is physiotherapy to a person’s recovery?

(How can it benefit someone in comparison to not seeking help)

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Physiotherapy is very important to a person’s recovery. Secondly it accelerates the recovery period and allows people to get back to work and doing the things that they enjoy quicker than if they were not to have any treatment at all. Physiotherapy is essential to a person’s recovery, firstly it is an opportunity to have your injury assessed and to classify the extent of the problem. It gives the patients the peace of mind that their injuries are not too serious or if a red flag is raised the physio can direct the patient to A&E. When an injury occurs, the body will do its best to protect it. I.e. you start to limp because its sore. If left alone this can lead to muscle imbalances and reduced range of movement in the joints/muscles around the injury. It also increases workload of the other muscles that are being used to compensate for the injury. The longer this goes on the more damage or destruction is caused meaning the likelihood of returning to pre accident status is reduced.

What are the most common injuries that people see you for after an accident?

At ESP Physio the most common presentation is from a Road Traffic Collision, and we mainly see Neck Pain injuries including Whiplash, as well as Low Back Pain, and Shoulder Pain. We also see Blunt trauma injury to body parts from impact during the crash.

After an accident, should someone always visit a physiotherapist. Even if there are no immediate signs of injury?

Yes, some injuries are not always apparent at first and it is better to get checked over by a professional.

What are some of the key recovery tips that you could advise for victims of road traffic accidents?

ESP Physio logoSee a physiotherapist ASAP and be consistent with your appointments and doing your home exercise plan. Stay well hydrated and speak to a GP or pharmacist regarding pain relief if required.

What are some of the best exercises and gym equipment people can do/use to further their recovery?

The best exercises are the ones that keep you flexible and increase range of movement in your joints without causing pain. Work out bands are great for these types of exercises. Start light and in the pain free range and increase the repetitions slowly over a period of weeks. Slow and steady wins the race!

Any advice from a physio to the general public?

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If you are in pain, please go and see a physiotherapist that you trust or has good google reviews! Don’t just ignore it and hope it goes away or take pain killers which mask the problem. Pain is a signal from the body that something is wrong, the longer you ignore that pain or compensate it the more damage is being done and the harder the problem will be to rectify without surgery.

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident or had an accident at work, contact Watermans Solicitors. Our experienced personal injury solicitors will take care of your case on a no-win-no-fee basis and the professionals over at ESP Physio will get you back on the mend as soon as possible! Contact us today on 0131 555 7055/0141 430 7055