Playground Accidents: Claiming for a Child

18th May 2021

Playground Accidents: Claiming for a Child

If your child has suffered an injury on the playground, you could raise a personal injury claim on their behalf. At Watermans, our experienced Personal Injury solicitors can advise on the legal options available for your claim and will work hard to obtain your child the highest compensation possible.

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), approximately 40,000 injuries occur on playgrounds, resulting to a visit to the hospital, each year. Although parents may wish to bubble-wrap their children to protect them, trips and falls are common. Thankfully, statistics show that permanent injuries and fatalities are rare in most playground accident cases. However, when they drop their children off at the school gates, parents do expect them to be free from harm and to have trained professionals look after them.

Playgrounds must be well maintained, in working order, and crucially, safe.

School premises, such as gyms, classrooms, and lunch halls should be regularly risk accessed to prevent accidents from happening. Although legally, schools are not expected to be able to prevent every bump and bruise, they are expected to provide safe and respectful environments for their pupils. In the event that there is an accident and negligence, or school property is to blame, the child could be entitled to compensation.

playground set

Types of Accidents on the Playground:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Sports participation injuries
  • Being injured using school equipment
  • Getting stuck in the equipment
  • Cuts from nearby glass and litter

Causes of Playground Accidents:

  • Poorly maintained equipment that is either broken, incorrectly installed, or that is not up to safety/quality standards
  • Using unsuitable equipment for their age group or misuse of that equipment
  • Lack of adult supervision
  • Weather conditions
  • Struck by moving objects (swings, for example)

SwingsHow to Prevent Accidents:

  • School boards and providers of local playgrounds must ensure that their equipment is both regularly inspected and meets safety standards.
  • Ensure that staff are trained in regular, up to date, safety standards
  • Repair any faults as quickly as possible
  • Anything wrong should be spotted and reported immediately to prevent accidents from occurring.

It is the school or local council’s legal responsibility to ensure that the users of the playground are safe. There is a greater duty of care imposed, as children are more vulnerable and susceptible to injury than adults. Therefore, it is imperative that guardians ensure their safety when in their care.

How to raise a claim for your child:

If your child has been injured on the school or local play area; whether they fell, tripped, or were victim to faulty equipment; you could make a claim for compensation on their behalf. By law, any child under the age of 16 requires a parent or guardian to handle their claim on their behalf.

Following an injury at school or on the playground, immediately seek medical attention. Additionally, inform the school or council of the accident; this will provide you with a health and safety record of the event. Then contact Watermans Solicitors with any medical records and evidence to pursue a claim. If possible, having evidence to support your claim will be crucial to your case. Through pictures of injuries and where the accident happened, victim statements, and witness reports our solicitors can pursue financial compensation. We can then argue that your child’s injuries are a direct result of someone else’s negligence.

Claims involving a child under the age of 16 have until their 19th birthday to pursue compensation. That funding could cover any care expenses, medical or rehabilitation expenses, and can provide some comfort for any pain or suffering caused by the accident. We suggest monitoring your child for any changes after the accident, as some consequences of the accident may not become obvious until they get older.

Once your claim has been accepted, our experienced solicitors will handle everything for you. We will contact the local council or school to inform them that you are pursuing a claim and we will keep you informed as the case progresses. Contact our solicitors to find out if you could make a claim. Call 0131 555 7055 or 0141 430 7055.