Lamp post personal injury claim | Watermans

27th Apr 2020
Lisa Boyle

Lamp post personal injury claim | Watermans


There are many types of personal injury cases – this one involving a lamp post is a bit more unusual 

Personal injury claims come in many forms; from accidents in the workplace, to road traffic accidents. 

Most recently, the Watermans team won an unusual case which involved a Scottish schoolboy being injured by an iron lamp post. This resulted in the claimant and his family receiving a four-figure compensation sum. 

Aimee Elder, the solicitor who handled the successful personal injury case, said: “This was a very complex claim to pursue in terms of liability, but I’m delighted that we were successful in recovering compensation for our client and his son.

How the lamp post incident occurred 


A Dunfermline schoolboy was left badly injured with soft tissue damagwhen a heavy iron lamp post collapsed on him in the street in Kirkcaldy on Mother’s Day last year. 

The youngster, who was ten years old at the timehad been playing chase with his sibling, running around the cast iron lamp post when it suddenly snapped and collapsed on top of his leg.  


The family’s reaction  


The schoolboy’s father said, “he would have been killed” had the lighting infrastructure landed on top of his head. 

“We’d been out for a meal just outside the Home Farm View restaurant in Kirkcaldy. 

“There were two really old-fashioned style lamp posts just outside the restaurant and both were heavy cast iron. 

“My son and daughter were outside playing, running around these lamp posts, just as kids do during the day while we were helping my wife’s gran outside the restaurant because she’s disabled. 

“As they passed each other, the one my daughter went round first just collapsed and landed on my son.  

“It was terrifying, it trapped him and the only reason I managed to lift it off him was pure adrenaline I believe. It took three people from the restaurant to be able to move the lamp post. 

“We took him to the hospital and the post had severely bruised the bone and left him with tissue damage. We were lucky that the situation wasn’t much worse, but it was pretty upsetting for the family. 

“The iron must have been rotting because it just collapsed. My son still gets an achy leg when it’s cold but he’s almost back to normal now. 

“It was a very worrying incident, but we are lucky that the consequences weren’t far worse.” 


Successful personal injury claim 


The 11-year old was awarded a four-figure sum for damages offered by Home Farm View restaurant in Kirkcaldy, who accepted liability for the personal injury claim. The compensation was awarded only after his parents pursued a case through personal injury lawyers, Watermans Solicitors. 

The schoolboy’s dad said: “We are really pleased by Watermans and how they have handled our case. 

Aimee Elder from Watermans added: “Gathering evidence is key in such casesNo parent should have to watch their child suffer in this way and I’m pleased that Watermans have been able to assist the family.” 


No win no fee personal injury claims in Scotland 


Watermans Solicitors acts for over 4000 clients every year, securing millions of pounds in vital compensation for the victims of accidents. The team offers a no win no fee system. 

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