Faulty product compensation claims

Whilst the vast majority of items we buy and use are safe, there are instances when manufacturers and retailers are forced to recall faulty products to protect consumers.

Defective products can cover the tools you use at work, the food you eat, the products you buy in a supermarket, the vehicles you drive and much more. Under the terms of the Consumer Protection Act, liability for a faulty product lies with its maker or, in some cases, the person who sold it to you. This makes them responsible for any injures the defective product causes and the party which we would pursue if you make a compensation claim.

The injuries sustained from a faulty product can range in severity and in the worst instances can have life-changing implications. For example, this may be burns and scarring from an unsafe electrical product which explodes or catches fire. The psychological and physical impacts of injury from using a product you take to be safe can be far-reaching.

Compensation can provide vital support and money to cover medical expenses and provide financial security as you deal with the effect of a faulty product on the lives of you and your loved ones.