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Introducing our new Total Care specialists

I'm Jordan Griffiths, the Principal Physiotherapist at Physio2Me - we're Watermans Accident Claims and Care partner when it comes to helping clients rehabilitate after an injury.

We believe in Early Intervention Rehabilitation (EIR), which basically means helping people to start the recovery process as quickly as possible after sustaining an injury to prevent or limit any long-lasting effects. Studies have shown that EIR not only reduces the risk of lasting injury but also speeds up recovery time. When people have suffered musculoskeletal injuries from whiplash, EIR is pivotal to avoiding chronic injuries.

Watermans support people with a personal injury claim, but we come in when it comes to care. The firm's Total Care package offers people any support they need and our top-class team includes physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors. As a Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and the Health Profession Council, I'm always taking part in studies to make sure the care and support I offer is the best it can be.

Over the coming months, I'm looking forward to sharing the techniques we believe people should use to avoid injuries, whether it be muscular, neck, back, wrists or legs. And we'll also give you an insight into some of the things we do to help people get back on their feet after an injury or accident.

Since teaming up with Watermans in October 2015, we've assisted over 30 clients with EIR. Techniques we use to help people who have suffered a personal injury accident include:

  • Massage therapy, which relieves tension, pain and stiffness and improves the mobility of muscles.
  • Joint mobilisation, which involves moving areas where bones meet to encourage optimum movement in joints and so increase their movement.
  • Exercise therapy, which is tailored to suit someone depending on what sort of exercise they need to get back to health.
  • Electrotherapy, which uses electrical energy to reduce pain and enhance the recovery process.

We combine these therapies into a plan tailored to help each individual client recover. A recent client, who was suffering muscle spasms in their neck and middle. A combination of joint mobilisation, manipulation, soft tissue massage and electrotherapy over the course of treatment. A home exercise regime and pain management advice was supplied to the client too, and after completing all this they reported a full range of neck movement and a massive reduction in pain.

Though these can all help someone recover from an injury, we want to give you the tools you need to limit the chances you'll suffer one in the first place. I can't wait to share my knowledge with you.

You can visit Physio2Me for more information on our services.