Motorbike Accident Compensation Claims | Watermans 

22nd May 2020
Lisa Boyle

Motorbike Accident Compensation Claims | Watermans 

Will the lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown result in more motorcycle accident claims 


Motorbikes are becoming an increasingly attractive commuting option for city dwellers. Keen to lower their emissions, they also want to experience some much longed for fresh air – especially so during the coronavirus lockdown.  

As the coronavirus lockdown restrictions ease, and with more motorcycle drivers expected to be out on the roads, it’s important for riders to take extra safety precautions and to understand compensation rights should a collision occur.  


Motorbike accidents and compensation claims

Accidents involving a motorcycle can cause critical damage, not only to the victim’s physical health, but also psychologically if they have been left traumatised by an accident. 

Head injuries, broken bones, tissue damage and back traumas are commonly reported injuries in such incidents. 

The main problem for a motorcyclist involved in an accident is that they haven’t got the same level of protection as other road users.  This combined with the fact they are less visible, means they run a greater risk of being seriously injured. 

For these reasons, it’s important to be cautious and mindful of which steps you should take next when it comes to making a compensation claim. 

Our motorcycle safety guide provides plenty of tips for staying safe on Scotland’s roads, from handling adverse weather conditions, to avoiding the most common types of a motorbike accidents. 


Seeking medical treatment can support a motorbike accident claim 


Although some injuries may not appear visible at first, it’s important for someone who has been involved in any kind of road traffic accident to seek immediate medical attention. 

Keeping a record of your injuries, no matter how minor they appear to be at the time, will be useful as evidence when seeking legal help from an injury lawyer. 

Receiving medical treatment strengthens your claim and depletes opposing arguments, all the while taking care of your health and wellbeing. 


Capturing your motorbike accident or injuries  


One of the key pieces of evidence required for a successful compensation claim is photographic evidence. 

Although it’s likely you may be in a state of shock at the time, it’s important to try and act quickly and take photographic evidence of the crash scene, skid marks on the road, vehicle damages and any other physical injuries. 

You will also need to gather as many statements as you can from witnesses.  


Types of motorbike accident claims 


Some of the types of motorcycle accident claims that can be made, include:  

  • Personal injury 
  • Loss of earnings 
  • Vehicle damage 
  • Medical expenses 
  • Care needs 
  • Vehicle damages


No Win No Fee injury lawyers


Our expert team of personal injury no win no fee solicitors at Watermans can use any evidence gathered to help you achieve the best possible compensation after a motorbike accident. 

To find out more on motorcycle accident claims and how to start one, please contact our nwin nfeemotorcycle accident lawyers on 0131 555 7055 or 0141 430 7055 for a free evaluation of your circumstances.