‘Keep roads free of mud’ – Warning to farmers to prevent road traffic accidents this autumn

23rd Oct 2020
Agata Myszkowska

Marketing Manager


‘Keep roads free of mud’ – Warning to farmers to prevent road traffic accidents this autumn


Farmers and crofters across the country have been issued a reminder to keep roads clear of mud this autumn to prevent road traffic accidents.

The message comes from the National Farms Union in Scotland (NFU) as the new season leads to a busy period for potato and veg harvesting, planting and muck spreading.

Those involved in the farming industry have a legal responsibility under Section 95 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 to keep the roads clear from any materials deposited from tractors, trailers or implements.

If there is a failure to clear roads of deposits after use, and a road traffic accident occurs, there is scope for compensation claims to be made.

Mud on the road can cause car and cycling accidents to occur.  If there is an excessive amount of mud, it can be extremely dangerous especially in rainy conditions, as this can make conditions on the road too slippery for cars, cycles  or other motor vehicle tyres to grip properly, causing skids, or worse, a motorist to lose control of their vehicle completely.


How farmers can keep roads safer this Autumn



Where muck and mud is being carried onto the road, NFU Scotland has urged members to remember ‘ABCD.’

AGREE who is tasked with cleaning up the material before work starts, as it is the responsibility of the driver and the person instructing the work to ensure the road is kept clean;

BE prepared to clear up after your job. NFUS suggests planning the clear up ahead of time to ensure individuals have the right equipment to do the job efficiently and to a good standard and that the team clearing deposits are equipped with safety gear;

CLEARLY signpost any mud on the road. Farmers and crofters urged to use authorised ‘slippery road’ signs with a ‘mud on road’ sub plate to alert other road users. These should be placed at the extremities of any mud or muck on the road and, where signs are on ‘A’ roads, ensure they are fitted with a flashing beacon;

DOCUMENT your decision making to ensure you can evidence the steps taken to mitigate and manage mud on the road.


What to do if mud on the road caused you to be involved in a road traffic accident


If you have been unfortunate enough to have been injured in a road traffic accident caused by mud, you could be entitled to compensation. It would be helpful to take photographs of the mud on the road but only do this if it is safe to do so.

We will get you the best compensation possible to help you recover. This can cover things such as car repair costs and loss of earnings due to injury. Find out how much compensation you are entitled to via our personal injury calculator. Contact us today.