Do delivery van drivers face greater accident risks at Christmas?

10th Dec 2019
Lisa Boyle

Do delivery van drivers face greater accident risks at Christmas?


The festive season is a time of giving and receiving gifts. Research by the RAC Foundation has shown at least 85 per cent of adults will use internet shopping to buy a gift from an online retailer.

This number is growing year on year. It’s also important to note that in terms of receiving these orders, 88 per cent will be dispatched using a home delivery or courier service.



As a result, we see an increasing number of vans and lorries on the roads. And it’s no coincidence that we see a direct correlation and a higher number of road accidents involving vans and lorries during the winter months before Christmas.

If you are involved in an accident with a van or lorry, or have been involved in a workplace accident, then it is important to remain calm and remember capture all the relevant information that is required. The key information to obtain is:-


  • The other party’s name:
  • Address:
  • Vehicle Registration Number:
  • Make/Model/ Colour of Vehicle
  • Name of their insurer:
  • The Policy Number for their insurance:
  • Name of their employer (if applicable):
  • Address of their employer (if applicable):
  • Contact telephone number:


John Dillon, senior solicitor at Watermans, said: “It is good practice to capture photographs of both vehicles at the accident location before you move off to exchange details.

John Dillon

“You should look to capture images showing both vehicles and how they have collided. Try and take an image that also captures the setting/accident location. A key image will be the other drivers number plate.

“That way if you record it incorrectly in writing, you have a visual picture that can be used to correctly the identify the vehicle that has collided with yours.”

Another tip that John has given is when swapping phone numbers, be sure to ring the other driver’s mobile after they have given you their number. That way you can make sure the mobile number you have received has been noted down correctly.

Anyone who has ever been involved in an accident before will know that they never happen at a convenient time. This is especially true around the festive period.

what to do if other driver admits liability
Man calling help after a car crash accident on the road

Your car may be non-roadworthy due to the damage it has received. This can add pressure especially at a time when journeys need to be made to visit friends and family.  In addition,  you may also have suffered injuries which impact upon your day to day activities and general enjoyment of the festive season.

It is important to remember that Watermans Solicitors are able to assist you. We are able to keep you mobile and get you back quickly on the road.

As well as being able to arrange the repairs to your own vehicle, we are also able to help you receive a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repairs to your own.

We can also help you present a claim any injuries you have suffered, to the insurers  of the other driver. Should you require the benefit of private physiotherapy to help aid your recovery then this is something we can assist with too. Contact Watermans Solicitors today for the best possible compensation after a road traffic accident.

Find out how much compensation you are entitled to via our personal injury calculator.