Culpable Homicide Bill Scotland – John Dillon

4th Dec 2018
Agata Myszkowska

Marketing Manager


Culpable Homicide Bill Scotland – John Dillon

The Culpable Homicide Bill was put forward in Scottish parliament last week. The proposed Bill is well overdue and addresses a serious inequality in the law that needs amending.

The inequality in the protections afforded to employees at work, regarding their health and safety, has been further exacerbated by way of the provisions of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013, which has systematically set about diluting the very regulations which keep our workers safe.

In the past, we have been involved with cases where bereaved families have been left with no answers from the criminal justice system and while it is possible to seek damages or compensation, this does little to satisfy their need for justice for the loved one they have lost.

Hopefully, this proposed Bill will be passed and begin the slow process of redressing the imbalance in the law generally and bringing home to management the critical nature of protecting working people.

John Dillon, Associate Director

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