Covid-19: Are pedestrians more at risk on the roads post-lockdown?

22nd Jul 2020
Lisa Boyle

Covid-19: Are pedestrians more at risk on the roads post-lockdown?


With the recent lockdown ease and a sudden spike in traffic, speeding motorists, runners on the road and cyclists riding in groups are amongst some of the worrying issues our solicitors at Watermans are concerned about.

Road safety has become more of a concern for personal injury lawyers than usual, as drivers may be considered more ‘rusty’ behind the wheel after months of lockdown, and as pedestrians continue to walk on the roads to avoid bumping into others on while trying to maintain social distancing rules.



As people have been used to a lesser volume of traffic over the last few months of the pandemic, it is feared that pedestrians may not be fully aware of the potential risk for road traffic accidents.

John Dillon, Associate Director at Watermans, said: “Our concern is that there will be more accidents because less people have been out on the roads in recent months and perhaps haven’t been used to driving for some time.

“Then, when they return to busier conditions they will be ‘rusty’ behind the wheel and more likely to be either the cause of or involved in an accident.

“We may also see an increase in pedestrian and cycling accidents if there is a phased easing of lockdown. You are seeing more cars on the road due to people going back to work but you will also have the pedestrians out getting exercise and a potentially disastrous mixing of the two.”


John Dillon


It is notable that more people today are getting out and about on foot or by bike, after they were encouraged to take up more exercise during lockdown.

These people may be exposed to more risk than what’s usually the case, especially when there is less space for people to walk on pavements while trying to physically distance themselves from others.

Then there’s the issue of some motorists who appear to be flouting speeding laws, or driving more erratically than before.

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