What to do if you’ve suffered a personal injury whilst on a staycation in Scotland

5th Aug 2020
Lisa Boyle

What to do if you’ve suffered a personal injury whilst on a staycation in Scotland


Scotland is slowly making its way out of lockdown and the tourism industry has been given the green light to reopen its doors.  

With a lot of uncertainty over Covid-19 rules when it comes to travelling abroad, many people are choosing to enjoy a holiday closer to home in the form of a ‘staycation’. 

Even though you might not be boarding a plane to go abroad this year, accidents still happen and you may be entitled to personal injury compensation claim. You may be vulnerable to road traffic accidentsburns, slips and trips around hotels or even bed bug attacks or food poisoning while on holiday in Scotland. 

If you are injured or fall ill during your stay in any hotel or accommodation, you may be entitled to file personal injury claim for compensation 


Our Scotland staycation injury advice  


Our Associate Director John Dillon offers his advice for how to ensure you can successfully make a no win no fee injury claim. 

John, said: “Whilst staying in a hotel is generally a pleasant care-free experience, occasionally things do go wrong, and accidents happen. 


John Dillon


“If the accident is due to fault on the hotel’s part then it is important that you remember steps to ensure you can make a successful claim later 

“Normally in the aftermath of suffering an accident or injury your thoughts and attention will be on other matters and not focused on the key details that you require to pursue a successful claim. 

“The first important step to take is reporting the accident and having it noted in the hotel’s accident book. This will ensure a date/time record is maintained for when you suffered the accident.  

“It will also note down details of whom you reported the accident to and the circumstances of the incident. A key aspect is to check the accident book entry for accuracy before signing and dating it.” 


We can act as your personal injury lawyer for incidents in Scotland 


Our no win no fee personal injury lawyers are experienced in dealing with complex accident claims and can help you achieve the best possible compensation. Get in touch with us today to discuss your injury and what you might be entitled to.