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Personal Injury Solicitors Scotland

Watermans is one of the most successful personal injury solicitors practices in Scotland.

Based in Edinburgh with representation around the country including Glasgow, Aberdeen, Stirling, Dundee and Inverness, the company has grown rapidly in recent years and has handled well over 20,000 successful personal injury compensation claims.

We handle all kinds of cases from slips, trips and falls to road traffic accidents, industrial accidents and other cases where people are injured through no fault of their own.

Watermans employs an exceptional team of highly qualified solicitors, specialising in personal injury claims and using their expertise to help our clients win the compensation they deserve. This can include damages as well as compensation for loss of earnings.

  • Over 20,000 successful personal injury claims
  • Representation in cities across Scotland
  • Industry leading expertise

Our strict 'no win, no fee' policy means that our clients are never out of pocket when they make a claim. We also believe this arrangement provides a strong focus for our team and ensures that they do everything possible to ensure each individual case is concluded successfully.

Our combination of caring professionalism and specialist expertise has allowed Watermans to become established as one of Scotland's leading personal injury solicitors. If you wish to talk to us about claiming compensation for a personal injury you've suffered through no fault of your own, simply get in touch today.