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Watermans are a personal injury firm that operates throughout Scotland. Originating in Edinburgh, Watermans have rapidly grown as a business and can now offer their services to the people of Dundee and Tayside. 

With a fierce reputation for success and a dedication to their clients, Watermans are without a doubt one of the leading personal solicitors covering Dundee and the Tayside area.

One of the biggest contributing factors to Watermans' success is the Watermans Team. Each member of the Watermans team is a highly qualified and specialises in their chosen field of work. Combine this with a work ethic that places the clients interests first, and it's easy to see why Watermans have established themselves a reputation for first rate legal advice and successful claims rates.

Watermans operate on a No Win No Fee basis. By focusing on each individually unique case, Watermans have built up strong loyalty and trust among the Scottish public. It is no wonder that many turn to Watermans Accident Claims and Care to manage their personal injury claims in the Dundee and Tayside area.