Compensation for care worker with facial injury | Watermans

10th Nov 2020
Agata Myszkowska

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Compensation for care worker with facial injury | Watermans

Watermans secure injury claim compensation for care home worker


A care home worker who suffered painful facial injuries when she slipped on a ski sheet has been awarded a four-figure sum in compensation after pursuing a successful claim through leading personal injury firm Watermans Solicitors.

Kelly Webster, 39, who had worked at the Dunvegan Residential Care Home in Larbert, Stirlingshire since 2000, was involved in the workplace accident in February of this year.


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The mum-of-three was left suffering painful injuries to her nose and neck after tripping on a ski sheet that was poking out of a mattress in a patient’s bedroom at the care home.  A ski sheet is an evacuation device which enables care staff to quickly move individuals to a place of safety in an emergency, while securely cocooned within their mattress.

Unfortunately, the ski sheet had not been fitted securely to the bed, and Kelly consequently caught her foot in it and fell and smacked her face off the bottom of a wooden wardrobe causing excruciatingly painful soft tissue injuries to her face and two black eyes.  The incident also left her with a mild concussion, tenderness around her nose and a soft tissue injury to her neck which took more than seven months to heal.

Kelly said: “Once I’d finished making the bed up, I walked over towards the wardrobe to close the doors. But there was a ski sheet which I hadn’t been aware was there, situated under the client’s mattress.

“It’s made of a nylon material which is easy to slide along for an easier evacuation. I took about two steps before I went down face first and caught the bridge of my nose on the wardrobe.


Kelly before accident.


“I managed to sit up but I started to feel sick and dizzy. I got an ice pack which I put on my nose but a colleague told me I had to go to the hospital because it was classed as a head injury.

“I was frightened. I felt like I’d broken my nose. Around 20 minutes later I started to then feel pain in my neck.

“When I went to the hospital to get checked over, I was told that I had mild concussion.”

Her nose was so badly bruised and swollen that doctors at the hospital were unable to tell whether it was broken or not.  After later seeking advice from her GP, Kelly was advised to take three weeks off work as she continued to suffer pain in her neck and face.

She said: “I lost out on about £600 from taking time off work and the injuries impacted my ability to do housework also.”

Kelly sought legal advice from Watermans Solicitors, based in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and was this week awarded £3,500 in compensation for the ordeal.

She was left with bruises, headaches, facial swelling, and a soft tissue injury to her neck from the fall.

“I had two black eyes and the tenderness around my nose only healed about five weeks ago,” Kelly continued.



“The case was settled really quickly with Watermans. I’d hate to ever go through that sort of pain again.”

Aimee Elder, the solicitor who handled the case, said, “Sadly, accidents like this can be all too common, especially amongst people who care for others, whether that’s in a care home, or a hospital.

“Those who work in the care professions have a very difficult job, now more than ever.  The last thing that they need is the uncertainty and stress of time off work due to an accident that was not their fault.


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“Watermans are pleased to have been able to help one of our key workers during a difficult period of her life.  The impact and extent of coronavirus may be unprecedented, but employers shouldn’t lose sight of their duties to look after their employees.

“Even what might seem to be minor inattention and carelessness can have serious consequences.  Caring for those who care for others remains important.”


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