British Supersports star Rory Skinner – what our talented sports ambassador has been up to during lockdown

15th Apr 2020
Lisa Boyle

British Supersports star Rory Skinner  – what our talented sports ambassador has been up to during lockdown


For the thrill-seekers who are used to taking part in adrenaline-pumping sports on a weekly basis, the current COVID-19 crisis could prove to be a challenging time for them during lockdown.

The global health pandemic has put a halt to the country’s sporting action – forcing racers, boxers and other athletes to discover inventive new ways to keep themselves fit and motivated.

Watermans Sports Ambassador Rory Skinner admits he is dying to get back out onto the race track after spending the last few weeks self-isolating at his home in Perth.

But the British Supersports racer is determined not to let his skills go rusty, using his daily exercise allowance to get out on a mountain bike instead.



Rory, 18, told us: “I’m on lockdown with my mum and dad so I’m trying to do as much as I can to keep myself occupied.

“We tend to spend a lot of time together anyway because of the motorcycle business but it can be a bit testing.

“It has been quite tough already.  I want to get back on the bike as soon as possible really. It’s only been about a month since I last was on the motorcycle but it feels like six months already.

“I haven’t been out since the pre-season test, which went so well. I was buzzing to get back out for the official test. The first round was meant to be this weekend so it’s been tough not being able to do that.

“I’ve been using my daily exercise allowance to get out and go mountain biking on my own to the local hill and a couple of road rides, just trying to keep my mind off of being on a proper bike.”

Rory, who was the 2017 British Talent Cup Champion, reflected on his successful last season which was enhanced by his Kawasaki Motorcycle, sponsored by Watermans.


watermans solicitors announce the new sport ambassador rory skinner


“Last season went really well, particularly with Watermans coming on board,” Rory said. “It was all about refining my riding, so by the end of the year it was really good to get a podium and a good few front row starts as well.

“That picked up the attention of the championship winning team for the last three years, which is the Tysers Yamaha by Appleyard MacAdam team. They were interested in having me as their rider, so we managed to sort out a deal.

“The first test of the team was at the start of March there, just before lockdown, and to be honest I don’t think it could have went better.

“The first test on the bike consisted of three days on track and it was 1.2 seconds, which was a lap record.

“The second test we were running times competitive for top 10 of world supersport 600, so I think the team were pretty impressed with that and I was impressed as well with how well we’d actually managed to do.”

Although Rory is unsure of when his next time on the race tracks will be, he is determined to put his best foot forward when he gets back on the bike.

The talented racer continued: “The main thing is to be safe at this point and time and remain focused and motivated for getting back on the bike once this is all over.

“It’s all about making the most of the exercise you’re allowed each day during the lockdown and using it to your best ability. I just want to keep looking forward to what’s coming.”