Back to School Road Safety

10th Mar 2021

Back to School Road Safety

The Scottish Government have announced that children will be returning to school next week, on March 15th. Watermans want to highlight the ways to keep your children safe on the roads.

There have been several recent accidents over the winter months involving young children. The Government and Road Safety campaigns highlight that accidents are more likely to happen on the school run than at any other time of day.

Though children’s return to school is a relief to many parents, children, and teachers, it is important to remind your children about Road Safety. With more people on the road, leads to an increase in roadside accidents.

Although there has been an overall decrease in child accidents involving serious injuries and deaths, Road Safety Scotland (RSS) maintain that;

  • As children move from primary to secondary school, there is an increase in risk of casualties. Possibly due to an increase in freedom and less parental supervision when travelling to and from school.
  • Up to the age of thirteen, boys are more statistically at risk of being involved in an accident on the roads
  • Those travelling alone are more at risk than those travelling in groups.
  • There are more accidents during the darker mornings and Scottish winters.

Currently Road Safety is taught within the school curriculum. However, it may be beneficial to go over these tips with your children before returning to school.

  • Use the pedestrian crossings to cross the road and walk on the pavements and footpaths. Especially during the darker months when pedestrians are less visible to motorists. Be as predictable to motorists as you can.
  • If there is no pavement, walk facing the traffic at a safe distance.
  • To make yourself as visible as possible, take a tip from cyclists and wear something bright or fluorescent. Never just assume that a driver can see you.
  • Stop, Look, Listen: When crossing the road, put electronic devices down. We cannot take for granted that all drivers will respect the crossing laws, and so it is important to watch out for oncoming traffic.
  • Watch out for cars reversing from parking spaces or vehicles turning corners.
  • If your sight is impaired during the darker months, carry a small torch, or use the smart phone torch to light up your path. This will be beneficial to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.
  • If your child is walking to school by themselves, make sure that they are familiar with the safest routes to and from school ahead of time. When surveyed, over 50% of children stated that they walked to school; as opposed to cycling, being driven, or taking the bus.
By following these simple tips, accidents will be kept to a minimum.

RSS also emphasises that although knowledge of road safety is high amongst most school children by 2021, the application of such advice is poorer as the child gets older.

Watermans also have a blog post on Driving with an Infant.

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