Autumn Driving Hazards – what to do if you’re involved in a road accident

6th Oct 2020
Lisa Boyle

Autumn Driving Hazards – what to do if you’re involved in a road accident


For many, the autumn season brings a lot of beauty and fun, however it can also bring surprising hazards on the roads.

With the clocks going back in October, it also means less time spent in daylight, making it more difficult for motorists to spot potential hazards while driving.

It is estimated that, during the October clock change, there is an average of around 20 more road crashes per day.





According to statistics, three quarters of these collisions occur in the afternoons, which are darker after the clock change.

Our personal injury lawyers have also reported an increase in road traffic accident claims during the autumn and winter season as a result of the nights getting darker earlier.

Here are some of the top hazards to look out for during autumn.


Animals crossing roads


It’s mating season for deer, meaning a lot of the animals are on the move during Autumn.

Some of their food has started drying up and they might be out on the hunt for dinner.

If a driver is distracted by their mobile phone or loud music, they may not be fully concentrating on roads and could be at risk of hitting an animal.

Not only could this kill or seriously injure an animal, it could also lead to devastating consequences for the driver.



Be alert while driving through wooded areas and country roads. If an animal runs out on front of you, it’s advised that you don’t slam on your brakes.

Take your foot off the gas, slow down and don’t be tempted to swerve into another lane where cars could be coming the opposite way.

The more alert you are, with eyes on the road at all times, the less likely it is that you’ll be involved in a collision caused by a roaming animal.


Falling leaves


The falling leaves during autumn may look beautiful but they can also become a road hazard during wet conditions.

When the leaves fall on roads, they can become very slick and can cause an icy condition which can make stopping very difficult while driving.



When it’s raining or foggy, ensure you give yourself twice the normal distance between yourself and the car in front of you.

Stick to speed limits and be aware that falling leaves can mask potholes on the road and other potential road hazards.




With more people taking up cycling to school and work, it’s important to be aware of those who may be less visible during the darker evenings.




In autumn in can be more difficult to see cyclists because of low lights, so be sure to have your lights on at all times when it’s dark.

Stay alert and don’t be tempted to use your mobile phone when driving.


Sun dazzle


Glare when the sun is low in the sky is more likely to cause problems during the autumn months.

Make sure that you clean your windscreen on the inside and out, always have sunglasses to hand and use your visors when it’s particularly dazzling.



Replace your window wipers if they’re worn, squeaky or damaged so that you can keep your windows clear at all times.

Use a screen wash that’s adequate for the temperature and time of year and make sure this is thoroughly topped up when embarking on long drives.




Tyres should be regularly replaced when worn, especially in preparation for winter.



Autumn is a good time to invest in tyres with at least 3mm for tread before the cold snap kicks in.


What to do if you’re involved in a road traffic accident


With a bit of forward-thinking, it’s possible to reduce your chances of being in an accident this Autumn. However, if you’re unfortunate to be involved in a crash we can deal with everything on your behalf.

We will get you the best compensation possible  to help you recover. This can cover things such as car repair costs and loss of earnings due to injury. Find out how much compensation you are entitled to via our personal injury calculator.

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