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Working From Height Work Accidents

There are many jobs throughout the UK that require working at a height; telephone engineers, television engineers and construction workers.

However not many are aware that working from a height can include using a ladder to change a light bulb to a shop worker trying to reach stock on a high shelf.

Every year there are thousands of reported accidents, and deaths, in which employees fall due to working at a height. Work accidents are a serious matter, often down to a lack of official training.

If your job involves any tasks that may have you above ground level, then you should receive training for working at a height. If you have not received suitable training and have been injured due to a fall at work, then you may be entitled to a work accident compensation claim.

Making a work accident claim

If you have been involved in a work accident due to working at a height then you may be able to claim compensation for any injury and loss of earnings incurred.

Take note of any injuries, and gather contact details of any witnesses. This will help Watermans build a strong case for your claim.

If possible take photos as this will help strengthen your case.

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