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Office Accidents

Around 33% of office accidents are caused by manual handling*. RSI costs the UK economy over £5bn†.

*Source: Health and Safety Executive
†Source:Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness

Most offices are safe places and office workers aren't usually exposed to major risks on a regular basis. But accidents can happen in any workplace and, even in the office, they can result on serious injury.

Office workers are mostly exposed to injury risks resulting from:

  • Manual handling (injuries caused by lifting heavy objects)
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Electric shocks and fire

Slips, trips and falls are the most common type of accident in office environments. These are often caused by loose wires, wet floors and objects that have been left lying around. Slips and trips can lead to heavy falls and that can cause broken bones, strains and other damage that can have long term consequences.

Injuries can also result from bad ergonomics in the workplace. Many people work in workstations that are badly set up and this can lead to repetitive strain injuries and other conditions that can cause pain and discomfort and even lead to career threatening conditions.

Most offices have a lot of electrical equipment. If it isn't regularly tested, it can become unsafe putting users at risk of shocks.

How do I make a claim and how long does a claim take?

Once you've spoken to our team, they‘ll look closely at your situation and work out whether they think we can take on your case. There's no set length for a case, it depends on a number of different factors. These could be the type of injuries sustained, how the accident happened and how the party at fault reacts to the claim. Our 'no win, no fee' arrangement means we'll work as hard as possible to quickly win your case. You can also be sure we'll keep you informed all the way.

Will claiming cost me money?

No, there’s no up front cost for making a claim.

Will I win my case?

Watermans has helped more than 20,000 people to win compensation. By checking to see if you have a strong case from the start, we ensure you have a very high chance of success. And, remember, it’s ‘no win, no fee’ so we'll be doing our very best to make sure you win.

No matter what kind of injury you suffered while working in your office, if it wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Why not find out more and get in touch with us today?

Use our injury calculator to see the kind of damages you could expect for an RSI injury.

With just 3 years to claim, you need to get your claim started as quickly as possible.