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Electrical Accidents

28 people died in Great Britain in 2010 from low voltage electrocutions and electrical burns. Around 2.5 million people receive a mains voltage electrical shock each year. 355,000 people suffer severe injuries due to electrical shocks each year.

Source: Electrical Safety Council

While everybody knows that electricity can be dangerous, we all use electrical appliances every day. In the workplace, there are legal requirements that govern the regular testing of all appliances. However, there are still substantial numbers of people who are severely injured or even killed each year.

Electrical injuries can include shocks, electrical burns, loss of muscle control and thermal burns. Even voltages as low as 50 volts can have an effect on the human body including:

  • stopping heart function
  • preventing breathing
  • causing muscle spasms

Electricity can also be dangerous in explosive atmospheres as even static electricity can create a spark to ignite a flammable gas.

In the workplace, there are strict rules and regulations covering training, usage and maintenance of electrical equipment. When accidents happen, there is often a clear case of blame and, if you've suffered an electrical accident that wasn't your fault, you may have a case to claim compensation.

How do I claim? Does it cost?

Getting in touch to make your claim is easy. You'll be able to email us, call or complete the form online. Once you've explained all the facts in your case, we'll work out if you can claim compensation. We also work with leading medical experts – who can help and advise on any medical problems you may have as a result of your accident. There’s no up front cost for making a claim, we have a No Win No Fee policy.

Does the claim take a long time?

Each case depends on factors like the severity of your injuries, the circumstances of the accident and how the party to blame responds to your claim. While we'll be able to estimate the likely timeframe, we'll also keep you informed as the case progresses.

Am I likely to win?

If you have a strong case and we agree to go ahead, then you'll have a high chance of success. More than 20,000 people have won their claims for compensation after working with the Watermans team. Please note that you only have 3 years to claim after the original accident so get your claim underway as quickly as possible.

Our injury calculator gives an indication of the level of damages you could expect.