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Elderly Abuse Claims

Watermans dedicated team can help you, or your loved one, if you have suffered abuse or neglect in a professional care environment. Elderly abuse or neglect happens when a person of trust causes harm or distress to an older person, either on purpose, or by failing to provide adequate care.

Finding out that abuse has taken place in the hands of professionals can be extremely distressing. These people and organisations are tasked and trained to care – so when they do not fulfil their duty and in some cases, provide a grossly neglectful or abusive care service, it can feel isolating and can leave survivors unsure where to turn.

That’s where we can help. We have expert knowledge and an impressive track record when it comes to claiming financial compensation. Our team can help you secure compensation from the care organisation in charge, which can then help fund care needs for the future.

We will work with you to get justice

We understand that there can be a myriad of complexities involved in these cases – particularly if the elderly person has a debilitating condition or is hampered in making decisions. We also understand the deep impact (both physical and emotional) this type of abuse can have on survivors. That’s why, in everything we do, we take our time to guide claimants through the process with the hope of getting the best outcome for them.

Do not be discouraged by legal teams based in nursing or care homes. Be safe in the knowledge that we have the expertise to overcome most legal challenges, and can often bring these organisations to justice.

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Tel: 0303 0300 119              Email