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Disabled Abuse Claims

Suffering abuse as a disabled person can be extremely confusing and distressing. There is no excuse and no survivor should ever feel like they have lost their voice. 

We’re here to help each and every survivor and to make sure that they get justice and the financial compensation from those responsible. Our team has a wide range of expertise which covers physical, financial, sexual, and psychological abuse of a disabled person. Disabled abuse claims can be brought against an individual, an institution or even an employer that allowed the abuse to take place.

Our team can also help with neglect cases where adequate or reasonable care has not been administered. In all cases, we always handle compensation claims with complete confidentiality and discretion. 

Disabled abuse compensation claims can be complex and extremely sensitive. We understand just how traumatic it can be to suffer abuse as a disabled person, and in some cases, to have entrusted care into a professional and have them take advantage. That’s why we have support organisations that will work with you throughout your claim. 

Our expert team will be with you every step of the way

Watermans have also dedicated an expert team that will guide you through a claim, every step of the way. Heather and David have extensive experience and will ensure that you always feel safe and comfortable.

While compensation cannot undo the abuse, it can help victims and their family and friends feel a sense of justice and start to move on with their lives. It can also help to provide funds for ongoing care if required. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team or simply visit the FAQ section. Or, if you would like to start you claim now, contact David or Heather using the information below.

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Tel: 0303 0300 119              Email