10 questions with…Watermans Associate, Heather Tierney

9th Oct 2020
Lisa Boyle

10 questions with…Watermans Associate, Heather Tierney


It’s National Work Life Week and Watermans want to share with you some information on the hard work that is put in by not only our solicitors, but also those involved in some of the dedicated charities and local clubs which we sponsor.

Today we speak to Heather Tierney about some of her biggest achievements to celebrate the recent news that she was promoted from Senior Solicitor to Associate at Watermans.


When you were younger what did you want to be when growing up and why?


When I was little I was obsessed with Disney movies and wanted to be singer/actor when I grew up. I was involved in singing and performing throughout school. My love of singing has stayed with me into adulthood so as over the years I’ve stayed involved in amateur dramatic groups and choirs.


Who is your role model and why?


The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was only the 2nd woman ever to become a US Supreme Court Justice. Throughout her career she fought tirelessly to protect the marginalised and to promote equality.


How do you maintain a health work / life balance?


I try to work normal working hours wherever possible. I also stay active by going to the gym/walking every day. I make sure I have hobbies and activities with friends and family arranged regularly. This all ensures I have a good balance between working hard and enjoying myself.


What has been the highlight of your career?


I was recently promoted to Associate. This is an achievement I am very proud of as it has been years in the making.


What is your favourite post work meal?


My partner and I treat ourselves to a weekly takeaway usually on a Friday after work. It is lovely to sit down to some naughty food after the working week and relax.


If you were to give one piece of advice to someone starting out in the industry, what would it be?


Don’t take yourself too seriously or be too hard on yourself. As long as you work hard and do your best, that is all anyone can every ask of you.


What motto do you live by? 


I like to follow the ‘campsite’ rule in life which essentially means you leave everything (and everyone) in a better position than when you found them. I like this idea of constantly trying to improve not only your own life but those of the people you come into contact with.


When discussing your job with other people, what question do you get asked the most?


Usually people will ask for legal advice about motoring offences or contractual disputes. People think that because you are a Solicitor, you will give advice on any area of law rather than specialising in one area so the list of questions is endless!


What would you do if you won the lottery?


Buy a huge house with a garden so I could get a little dog. Then I’d take an amazing round the world trip with my nearest and dearest.


What Netflix series are you currently bingeing on?


The Handmaid’s Tale.