Injuries at work 70,000 years in the making [infographic]

Did you know that injuries at work resulted in 26 million working days being lost in 2011? That is a mind-blowing number. This got us thinking here at Watermans and we wondered how that time could have been better utilised. Therefore, we created this light-hearted Infographic.

Disclaimer: it did not really take 70,000 years.

We would like to thank the daily mail, china highlights, and University of Utah,

injuries at work 70,000 years in the making

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Scott Whyte

I joined Watermans in October 2010 and became Managing Director in January 2014. I have specialised in personal injury law since qualifying as a solicitor and have a wide range of experience in representing clients involved in Road Traffic Accidents, Accidents at Work, Public Liability, Occupier Liability and Product Liability claims.